ABOUT Veel Beter

20 years ago, we began working on our own approach to treatment: result-oriented and better supported. Our
method is subject to constant improvement, because we always want to be betterand faster. Everything proceeds according to the latest scientific insights. Week in, week out, our R&D department is busy fine-tuning our products and following the developments in our profession. Sitting at home, taking it easy and waiting for your injury to disappear is not one of our options. We feel that together, we must do everything we can to heal optimally. We have observed that the process can proceed faster and better. That’s what our name means: Veel Beter, or Much Better, and that is exactly how you will feel when you walk out our door.


We love sharing our knowledge. In doing so, we can help more people and there are more parties able to critically evaluate our products. This drives us to work on achieving even
more rapid and better recoveries. What we have in common with each other is the
drive to deliver the best care. Multi-disciplinary expertise is more than the sum of its parts.


Over the years, many independent physiotherapists have joined Veel Beter. At Veel Beter, we pursue a common goal: attaining the highest level of quality in our work. To achieve this goal, we frequently call upon the knowledge and expertise of others. We’ll do whatever it takes to improve our approach and skills.


Communication and consultation with federations, fellow therapists, BVOs, international clubs and hospitals is essential to us. We’re available to share additional knowledge with our colleagues and to take on each other’s work when the pressure gets too high, or when someone’s expertise is not specific enough. Our primary concern
is that the athlete is able to recover as quickly as possible.

International PARTNERSHIPS

Our therapists are regularly invited to treat international athletes. It’s never a problem if one of our therapists is treating a top-level
athlete abroad. Thanks to our selection and common spirit, we can keep our quality high and our other clients can be treated by a substitute therapist.


The therapists who work at Veel Beter are active in the football world and elsewhere. We work for the KNVB and for clubs in the Eredivisie, the Jupiler League, Serie A, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Primera Division and other competitions. We guide
athletes from the Track and Field Association (Atletiek Unie), as well as a varied range of international athletes. We also coach top-level Major League Baseball players in the US, the Dutch women’s handball team, athletes from the National Football League, and Formula 1 drivers.


Because we know that nutrition is essential to athletes, we have established our own nutrition department. Proper nutrition and supplements help injuries to heal even faster.


Once your injury has healed, we have many extras to offer you. Our Olympic-level performance department can take you to the next level, making you fitter and faster. This
is the difference between being fit and being ready to compete.


We always do our very best to help people recover from their injuries rapidly. Because the human body is so complex, it is often necessary to approach the problem with a team. Because we discuss our cases internally every day, we can elevate the quality and speed of our treatments enormously.


Veel Beter team

camiel van druten

Van Druten Fysiotherapie

KvK: 39101107

 +31(0) 6 27 01 11 76

Rik Tacken

Rik Tacken Fysiotherapie

KvK: 34327318

 +31(0) 6 50 62 12 77

Tim van Kippersluis

Fysiotherapie Tim van Kippersluis

KvK: 32154793

 +31(0) 6 23 92 29 86

Jhonfy Fernandez

Jhonfy Fernandez Fysiotherapie

KvK: 52802744

 +31(0) 6 33 90 90 41

Almer Bosma

Almer Bosma Fysiotherapie

KvK: 53438272

 +31(0) 6 23 45 58 70

Niels Bosse

Niels Bosse Fysiotherapie

KvK: 58476261

 +31(0) 6 21 54 00 06

rosita Hagen

Fysiotherapie Rosita

KvK: 58910859

 +31(0) 6 22 70 73 57

Jonne Buis

Jonne Buis Fysiotherapie

KvK: 61631175

 +31(0) 6 53 27 40 55

Laura Burgess

Fysiotherapie Laura Burgess

KvK: 62906615

 +31(0) 6 47 00 85 02

George Akpo

George Akpo Fysiotherapie

KvK: 59976365

 +31(0) 6 81 99 17 16

Jarmo van Nimwegen

Fysiotherapie van Nimwegen

KvK: 61466468

 +31(0) 6 20 16 82 38

Josette van Toor

JVT Voedingsadvies

KvK: 54609461

 +31(0) 6 40 36 69 11

Sjoerd Bakker

Sjoerd Bakker HODN Veel Beter

KvK: 67783112

 +31(0) 6 13 62 33 37

Gregory Sedoc

Gregory Sedoc Performance

KvK: 69295093

 +31(0) 6 48 14 59 23

Diderot Koster

DK Fysiotherapie

KvK: 65892518

 +31(0) 6 24 74 56 04

Veel Beter is a collective where, among others, (sports) dieticians, performance trainers and independent physiotherapists have established themselves. Each of them conducts their own business.

All independent physiotherapists are accessible to everyone, whether you are sporty or not.


Elektronweg 4
1362 JP,  Almere

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