We leave no stone unturned in examining every physical link to your pain, symptoms or injury. Muscles, deep fascia, nerves, bones and ligaments; multiple approaches result in a more complete picture. It’s simple!


Our therapy are strictly formulated combination of manual treatment and physical training.
We aim at creating a situation in which the body can repair the problem in peace and fix what’s going wrong

In doing so, we have three objectives.

We work on reducing the pain you are feeling. Pain delays recovery and has disadvantageous, sometimes permanent, consequences.

Together with you, we examine, correct and train each aspect that may be
affecting your injury. A reduced or poor level of physical fitness, shortened
muscles, low levels of strength or limited freedom of movement all hamper a rapid recovery.

We improve your specific fitness programme: your body must be able to cope with your demands. Each sport and job makes a unique combination of demands on your strength, flexibility, stamina and more.


Sport injuries
In accordance with our academic approach, we utilise an effective, privately developed treatment method. The average number of sessions we need to resolve the symptoms of an injury is strikingly low. We can heal most pain symptoms and
sport-related injuries in one to four sessions.

From your first steps to your full return to play, we will guide you throughout the
entire process. Our network of sports physicians, orthopaedists and orthopaedic
manual physicians are ready to help you.

We’ll help develop your physical talent to its limit and help you get resilient for both short-term and the long run. Our drive takes us to special places: for more than 15 years we have treated top athletes in the Netherlands and far beyond, in a wide range of sports.

Physio fitness
Train under the guidance of a high-end physiotherapist at Veel Beter.

Second opinion
Following a thorough evaluation, we will provide you with suggestions and recommendations aimed at achieving your rapid recovery.

Therapy, advice and suggestions for club and team physiotherapists.