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Veel Beter's performance coaching by Yoeri Graaf

After 12 years of playing soccer I had to quit the game due to a knee injury. After many physiotherapy treatments I started doing exercises in the gym. This was my first introduction in fitness. Everytime when I walked into the gym I saw guys lifting heavy weights. During that time I wasn’t too confident about my physique and the gym seemed like a perfect solution to build more confidence. Along the way I started to become more interested in fitness and the lifestyle surrounding it so I decided to dive into it more. While doing so I heard and read so many different things about it on social media that I started to wonder which information was actually reliable. 

After many hours of school, courses, learning from books and learning from people around me it was time to put my knowledge into practice and I took the step to become a Personal Trainer. One thing I learned from my soccer career: always try to be the best. This is my drive until this very day towards my clients: always try to get the best out of themselves on a physical and mental level. 

Yoeri Graaf Performance

Experience is the greatest of teachers

With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, I help others achieve their physical and mental goals. I believe that the physical aspect of personal coaching brings loads of advantages. Different aspects are taken into account while planning how to achieve your goals, like age, how often you can train, stress levels, lifestyle, commitment etc. That’s why one thing should always be central: Personalisation! A personal coach takes all these aspects into account to ensure your plan and schedule works for you! I’ll facilitate you with a plan from which you can benefit the rest of your life. A plan that works for the long term.

As a performance coach, I help anyone who wants to become stronger and better, regardless of whether they want to improve their running technique, gain strength or recover after an injury. With my expertise, I use targeted training to ensure that individual goals are achieved.


Small Group training
Working out with a personal trainer while profiting from the advantages offered by group lessons. Thanks to the small size of the group (max. 3 people), you are guaranteed sufficient individual attention. During these lessons, you can learn from and motivate each other to push yourself to the limit. Training in Small Groups is a fun way to train effectively and purposefully on a smaller budget.

Personal Training
Personal Training allows you to reap the rewards of individual guidance and coaching. Whether you want to become fitter, stronger or thinner, all of the exercises are aimed at pushing you to your limits. Together with your coach you work on sport specific goals like explosiveness, strength or speed while taking injury prevention into account. 

Rehabilitation Training
This training aims to bring back the (star)athlete in his or her sport. Rehabilitation training goes in consultation with the physiotherapist of Veel Beter by means of a targeted plan.

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