Veel Beter´S performance coaching by Gregory SEDOC

After 30 years at the top of the sporting world, what keeps me busy? That’s right; I use my years of
experience and expertise in sports to help others achieve their physical and mental goals. After three Olympic Games, becoming Dutch indoor champion seven times and Dutch outdoor champion six times, European Champion in 2007 and Dutch long jump champion in 2006, I know what it means to perform at the highest level and to continuously get the most out of the body and mind.

Experience is the greatest of teachers

As a performance coach, I help anyone who wants to become stronger and better, regardless of whether
they want to improve their running technique, gain strength or recover after an injury. With my expertise, I use targeted training to ensure that individual goals are achieved.


Small Group training

Working out with a personal trainer while profiting from the advantages offered by group lessons.
Thanks to the small size of the group (max. 3 people), you are guaranteed sufficient individual attention. During these lessons, you can learn from and motivate each other to push yourself to the limit. Training in Small Groups is a fun way to train effectively and purposefully on a smaller budget

Running & Performance

These training programmes are aimed at running and strength training. Within Running, we focus on learning and improving the correct technique by deploying a wide range of exercises, including running training. Performance is intended to increase your strength and level of fitness. Strength training plays an essential role here.

Personal Training

Personal Training allows you to reap the rewards of individual guidance and coaching. Whether you want to become fitter, stronger or thinner, all of the exercises are aimed at pushing you to your limits.

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Veel Beter is a collective where, among others, (sports) dieticians, performance trainers and independent physiotherapists have established themselves. Each of them conducts their own business.

All independent physiotherapists are accessible to everyone, whether you are sporty or not.


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