Veel Beter’s Nutrition programme supports you in your training

Exercise demands a great deal of energy from the body and not just during a workout or a competition; afterwards, the body needs energy in order to recover. In addition to motivation, talent and sheer force of will, the right nutrition is essential for optimising one’s performance. Contributing factors here include an ideal body weight and physical build, as well as practical tips and advice. You’ll be able to apply what you learn straight away!

Coached by a nutritionist

Josette van Toor will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with nutrition. She has a professional approach to (sports-related) nutritional supplements, can help you to optimise your diet in preparation for workouts and competitions, advise you about your ideal hydration levels and give tips about the nutrition needed to help you recover properly on rest days.

With a proper diet - adapted to you as a person - you prevent, among other things, fatigue, injuries, illness, reduced resistance, gastrointestinal problems and cramps. Together we strive for optimal health and optimum performance. We pay attention to details and push until you are faster and more powerful than your opponent for one 100th of a second.


Spors nutrition

Thanks to our IOC certified sports dietician, we are able to purposefully align the nutrition of any athlete to their goals. We translate cutting edge science into practice and compose a suitable plan personalised to no-one other than you.

Nutrition when recovering from an injury 

Bounce back from an injury faster and stronger than before thanks to the proper, customised nutrition plan. We examine the severity and degree of the injury and, together with a physiotherapist, formulate a treatment programme. In this way, we limit the risk of recurrence.

Sustainable exercise

If your workout lasts longer than 1.5 - 2 hours, it is important that you have enough fuel to keep on going. This requires a different approach than is needed for shorter workouts. Through the application of training schedules and time targets, we will work on your ultimate goal together.

Team sports and games

We assist both teams and individuals. Phased nutrition per season or training programme is key to remaining
fit throughout the season. This is always tackled at the individual level.

Short track speed skating

Explosive strength and physical build are essential to a short track speed skater in
achieving maximum speed. Being able to switch between aerobic and anaerobic
energy systems is important for the various distances within short track speed skating. This process can be influenced by nutrition.

Nutrition and the growing athlete

Although not much scientific research has been done on children, we can use what we know to make
a number of reasonable assumptions. For instance, we know that a range of nutrients are incredibly important to the development of the skeleton and muscle growth. Based on this knowledge, we give advice on sport-oriented diets
within the growth period.

Pre- or post-op

You can prepare your body well for an operation. Key aspects are your immune system, nutrition levels and muscle mass. If these points are in order, you run a reduced risk of infection or other complications. The stronger you are going into an operation, the stronger you will generally be coming out of it. Recovery from an operation proceeds in phases, which you can influence individually.

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Veel Beter is a collective where, among others, (sports) dieticians, performance trainers and independent physiotherapists have established themselves. Each of them conducts their own business.

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